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At least 75 civilians mostly women and children have been killed after a Saudi airstrike on a wedding party in Yemen's southwestern province of Ta’izz as more civilians fall victim to the kingdom's military aggression against its impoverished southern neighbor.

Yemen's al-Masirah news channel reported on Monday that the attack hit a wedding ceremony in the port city of Mocha. 

Saudi fighter jets targeted a market in Razih district in the northwestern Yemeni province of Sa’ada, al-Masirah reported. There were no immediate reports of possible casualties in the attack.

Saudi warplanes also targeted areas in east and south of the capital, Sana’a.

Saudi jets also reportedly targeted Yemen's central province of Ma'rib over 25 times.

On Sunday, more than 40 Yemenis, mostly women and children, were killed as Saudi jets pounded areas in Hajjah and Ta’izz provinces.

Meanwhile, Yemen's popular committees, backed by Ansarullah fighters, on Monday launched fresh attacks on Saudi positions in retaliation against the Riyadh regime’s airstrikes.

The allied Yemeni forces fired a barrage of rockets at a military base in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan region. Three Saudi armored vehicles were also destroyed in another attack in the same region.

A report by al-Ahd news website also said that the Yemenis had killed and injured tens of pro-Saudi militants in Ma'rib and destroyed ten vehicles belonging to them.

Saudi Arabia started its military aggression against Yemen on March 26 – without a UN mandate – in a bid to undermine the Houthi Ansarullah movement and restore power to the fugitive former Yemeni president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a staunch ally of Riyadh.

According to a report released on September 19 by the Yemen’s Civil Coalition, over 6,000 Yemenis have so far lost their lives in the airstrikes, and a total of nearly 14,000 people have been injured.

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