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An imposter boy named "Nasir Shah Peerzada" has been meeting people and issuing statements as a leader of APML Chitral. APML Chitral elects its office bearers in a democratic way and never has some one been appointed through notifications or letters from outside Chitral. 

At a time when APML leaders in Chitral are coping with the false cases initiated against the founder President this boy has issued statements which have harmed the party image and did actions which are not inline with the district cabinets policies. Through this post this person is warned that he must stop showing him self as associate or member of APML Chitral.

He can use the notifications which he has in cities where they came from but not in Chitral. The party was tolerating this persons actions considering the special mental issues he has but a time when the party was going through a hard phase he showed his true colors. He is not allowed to enter our offices use our name or do any thing associated with the party in Chitral. 

By meeting PM few times no one can become leader of the party over night there is a line of senior Muslim leagueis who qualify for these positions . we can differentiate between our true workers and agents of other parties.


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