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‘Pakistan’s ballistic missiles capable to carry nuclear warhead to every part of India’

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan's missile and nuclear system are much advanced than that of India, said Dr Samar Mubrakmand – a veteran nuclear scientist.

“Pakistan’s defence is invincible,” he said while talking to a private news channel. Dr Samar said that all the missiles tested by Pakistan till date had successfully achieved the set targets, while India had failed to achieve desirable results on this count.

He said that the ballistic missiles tested by Pakistan were capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to every part of India. He said that Pakistan was a peaceful country but if it wanted India can be eliminated from the world's map within a few seconds.

The nuclear scientist said that Pakistan had the world's best control and command system for nuclear assets. Dr Samar came to public attention as the director of the test teams responsible for the performing country's first and successful atomic tests at the Chagai test site in the Balochistan.

Prior to that, he was the project director of the integrated missile programme and supervised the development of Shaheen and Babur missiles. Serving the founding chairman of NESCOM from 2001 until 2007, he was subsequently appointed by the government to assist the Thar coalfield project as well. APP

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