» » Saudi embassy rejects Nepalese women rape claims, protests against police action

New Delhi: The Saudi Arabian embassy here on Wednesday completely rejected the allegations levelled by two Nepalese women, who have accused a Saudi diplomat and his "guests" of allegedly raping and confining them in a flat in Gurgaon.

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia (Delhi) has taken up the matter with India's External Affairs Ministry and strongly protested against the police intrusion into its diplomat's house.

The Saudi embassy further said that it would wait for clarification from MEA on the matter and wait for outcome of investigations into allegations against the diplomat.

In a shocking narrative, a 20-year-old woman from Nepal has maintained that she and her 44-year-old mother were sexually abused every day for the last four months by a Saudi diplomat in a flat in Gurgaon.

The diplomat at the Saudi Arabia embassy in New Delhi has been booked for rape while his wife and daughter have been booked for torturing domestic helps in the Millennium City, the Haryana Police said.

The mother-daughter, who were brought to India with the lure of a better future, today claimed they were not being paid wages for the last four months and now wish to go back "home" as soon as possible.

Members of an NGO, who assisted Gurgaon Police during the rescue operation, said the victims were sold to an Indian agent for Rs one lakh each.

"They were brought to India in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. The victims were in misery and were offered Rs 30,000 and good food by an agent named Kaplana.

"Kalpana sold them to an agent named Anwar in India after being paid Rs 1 lakh for each. The victims were taken to Jeddah but atrocities began after they were brought to India," the NGO member said.

Gurgaon police raided the flat in DLF Phase-II and rescued the two women on Monday.

An FIR has been filed under various sections of IPC. Gurgaon police has contacted the Nepal Embassy for assistance.

"We have sought a report from local police," MEA spokesperson said.

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