» » State Life pays Rs 13.09 billion as claims in 2014: Nargis Ghaloo

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan in the year 2014 has paid total amount of Rs 13.091 billion against all claims, thus providing financial protection and savings to millions of valued policy holders and their families nation-wide. This was stated by Chairperson State Life Nargis Ghaloo in an inaugural speech on the occasion of the Convention- 2015. 

Executive Director Izqar Khan, G.M Marketing Mohsin Abbas, senior corporate executives and the delegates from all over Pakistan attended the convention. Nargis Ghaloo said that 'State Life' is the leading insurer in the country and is extending the benefits of life insurance to all sections of society throughout Pakistan. State Life has the marketing strength of 1,013 Area Managers, 7,199 Sales Managers, 19,114 Sales Officers and 170,861 Sales Representatives spread in far corners of the country. Its aim is to widen the area of operation of life insurance and making it available to as large a section of the population as possible. State Life is also fulfilling its obligations to the nation by providing respectable Job opportunities to the masses to work as 'State Life's field workers'. 

Further, she said that State Life in the year 2014 secured 1st Year premium including renewal, which has increased from Rs 52.697 billions to Rs 59.627 billions; showing an increase of 13 percent. State Life has procured new premium of 4.879 million (USD) in Gulf region covering Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia in the year 2014. The Marketing force of State Life has extended _nancial protection to 737,488 families nation-wide during the year 2014. Total no. of in-force Policies till the end of 2014 are 4.982 million.


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