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First claim of PKR 300, 000 already paid

LAHORE: Warid Telecom, has launched a new low-cost accidental insurance service called BIMA, which provides Warid customers with an easy way to protect the financial future of their families for as little as Rs. 30 per month. Warid’s BIMA product has already paid out its first claim, giving the family of a tragically deceased customer PKR 300,000.

BIMA has been designed in partnership with MILVIK, a leading provider of mobile-delivered insurance and health services, and the innovative insurance company, Alfalah Insurance. Warid has introduced this option for customers so that they can access the security that comes with insurance through an affordable and convenient mechanism. BIMA is available in four tiers: the most affordable Silver plan starts at only Rs. 30 per month and the maximum cover on the Diamond plan is PKR 1,500,000. Warid’s BIMA is available to prepaid customers who simply need to SMS “BIMA” to 9878 (at no charge) after which a MILVIK agent will call them within one working day to discuss payment plans and options.  By the end of October, BIMA product will also be available for postpaid customers. 

Unlike other insurance products, Warid’s BIMA offers a straightforward claims process; customers only need to SMS ‘Claim’ to 9878 and they will be contacted by a claims coordinator who will guide them through the easy preparation of the claim forms. Valid claims will be paid within just a few days of filing a claim.

The first claim has already been paid, giving PKR 300,000 to the family of Javed Iqbal, a BIMA customer who passed away in a tragic accident. Mr. Iqbal was the sole breadwinner and sadly leaves behind a family of four dependents; the money will be used to fund the further education of his eldest son, Nouman Javed. The claim was processed by MILVIK and paid by Alfalah Insurance within just two days of filing. 

Gulnaz Shehzadi, wife of the deceased said “We are thankful to God and also to my husband for deciding to purchase Warid BIMA which will help us get through this hard time. We were skeptical at first, but we realize that the service is transparent and much more straightforward than we had believed. I have learnt from this experience that everyone should have Warid’s BIMA because life is very unpredictable”. 

“The average person simply can’t afford to pay traditional insurance premiums. By partnering with Warid and Alfalah Insurance to deliver insurance through a mobile phone, we are lowering costs for out valuable customers and making it possible for every family to access insurance,” said Osman Haneef, the CEO and Managing Director of MILVIK Mobile Pakistan. “We are proud to pay our first claim in Pakistan, and are glad that we can provide Mr. Iqbal’s family with financial help when they need it the most. This is a great product that has been designed to cater to the specific needs of Warid’s customers. I urge you all to contact one of our expert agents by sending ‘BIMA’ via SMS to 9878 to learn more about Warid’s BIMA product, how you can register, and how you can make a claim”. 

Javed Iqbal says:-

Javed Iqbal, was a hardworking legal advisor for the Government’s wildlife department. He was a good husband to his wife Gulnaz Shehzadi and a loving father to his three children. 

As a Warid customer he was given the chance to register for Warid BIMA Accidental Insurance, offered in partnership with insurance provider MILVIK and local underwriter Alfallah. This low cost insurance pays family money in the event that the registered customer dies or is left disabled from an accident. Mr Iqbal chose to register for the Gold plan (PKR 300,000/-), paying just PKR 60+tax per month. 

On 5th Spetember, Mr Iqbal was involved in a fatal accident and he passed away the next day leaving behind a family of four dependents. 

Shortly after his passing, his son Nouman Javed contacted the claims team at MILVIK. They supported him through the easy claims process, which was processed and approved in just one day. 

Gulnaz Shehzadi, Mr Iqbal’s wife, was the named beneficiary who received a payout of PKR 300 000. This money will help to care for Mr Iqbal’s family, specifically to fund his eldest son’s further education. 

Gulnaz Shehzadi said “We are thankful to God and also to my husband for deciding to purchase Warid BIMA which will help us get through this hard time. We were skeptical at first, but we realize that the product is the truth. I have learnt from this experience that everyone should have this service because life is very unpredictable”.  

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