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افغانستان: ننگار ہار میں داعش اور لشکراسلامی کے ٹھکانوں پر بم باری ، 38 ہلاک ہوگئے۔

A joint gathering of the militants of Daesh and Lashkar-e-Islam led by Mangal Bagh has been bombed by Afghan Air Force in Achin District of eastern Nangarhar province.

According to the governor of Achin District the bombardment took place in Shadal Bazar area late Monday.

Haji Ghalib Mujahid immediately did not have information about casualties of the air strike.
Meanwhile, a statement released by the Ministry of Defense this morning states that Afghan Air Force has bombed a Daesh hideout in Sulaimankhil area of Chaparhar District in past 24 hours.
According to the statement, 38 militants were killed in the airstrikes and the hideout belonging to Habibzai and Mullah Naeem destroyed.

The 38 insurgents killed include two who were trying to escape the bombardment through a motorcycle.

Several different types of weapons were also destroyed in the  air strikes, the Ministry of Defense statement adds.

This comes days after 68 militants belonging to Daesh group were killed in air strikes in Nangarhar province mainly in its Achin District which is the stronghold of Daesh in eastern part of the country.
The group has been engaged in heavy clashes with security forces and pro-government militia formed by a powerful lawmaker Haji Zahir Qadir.

Most recently the group beheaded four members of the pro-government militia after which their four fighters were also decapitated.

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