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ISLAMABAD: “Today’s fast paced world holds many challenges for new and existing businesses. Dell has always, and continues to be, at the forefront of creating solutions that cater to a varied array of business strategies,” said Mir Saadat Ali; General Manager Dell Pakistan & Afghanistan while speaking at the Dell Summit 2015 held in Islamabad. 

The event brought forth IT professionals whilst seeking to help them address key issues in the industry and master the varying landscape to drive IT transformation. This strategy will ultimately provide organisations the “Power to do More” by improving productivity and efficiency. 

Speaking on the induction of their most advanced server portfolio, Mir Saadat Ali said “Our end-to-end portfolio, strategic alliances, and hardware expertise propel us to offer world class solutions, not only for large and small businesses but also consumers” adding to this the General Manager stressed the importance of local companies remaining competitive which would spur the productivity rates manifold. In this regard Dell solutions are future-ready, flexible and simplified. 

This ensures a steady implementation of work executed for the current IT needs and helps in integrating and optimising Enterprise solutions, connecting End Users, simplifying and securing through Software and accelerating innovation with Services.”

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