» » India police arrest ex-air force officer for spy links with ISI

پاکستان کے حساس ادارے ISIسے رابطے کے الزام میں  بھارتی ایئرفوس کا سابق آفیسر گرفتار۔

NEW DELHI: Delhi police said on Tuesday they have arrested a former Indian Air Force officer on charges of passing secrets to Pakistan’s spy service.

Police said the man, who is accused of giving details of air force exercises to the  Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), had fallen victim to a “honey trap”.

“Ranjith KK has accepted to have passed air force-related information pertaining to a recent air force exercise, movements of aircraft and deployment of various units in air force,” said Ravindra Yadav, Delhi police joint commissioner of crime, in a statement.

Police said the ISI used a woman to lure him into passing on top-secret information through mobile phone and the Internet.

“As per the investigation so far, it has been assessed that (he) was befooled by the cross-border spies,” Yadav added.

The arrest comes days after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a surprise visit to his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif to try to ease troubled relations. AFP

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