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Pakistan’s N°1 Hotel Booking website, Jovago.com has been featured on the Google Travel Platform

Jovago.com, the leading online hotel booking website, has now been incorporated into renowned Google Hotels Ads. This collaboration aims to make hotel searches and reservations easy for travelers across Pakistan. The new service will be beneficial for all Google users, as they can get access to all travel and reservation deals through the Jovago.com platform anywhere and at any time.

“Google is the world’s most renowned search engine and we are lucky to be a part of this platform. Our collaboration with this platform is a great chance to promote travel and tourism in Pakistan” said Nadine Malik, Managing Director of Jovago Pakistan.

Following the launch of its mobile application, Jovago’s incorporation on the Google platform will further improve the user experience for customers, enabling them to click on a wide range of hotel listings directly from the search engine and giving them access to Jovago platform. This effort will improve both the hotel and e-commerce industries in Pakistan.

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