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Jovago.com, Pakistan’s No.1 online hotel booking website, has organized a press conference to launch the first ever hospitality report, and discuss Jovago’s achievements during 2015.

The purpose of this event is to strengthen the tourism sector and share insights regarding the tourism industry in Pakistan, to encourage people to traveland discover our home country. At the event, Nadine Malik the Managing Director of Jovago Pakistan also talked about Jovago’s work accomplishments of 2015 and highlighted Jovago’saims and plans to boost the tourism industry of Pakistan in the coming years. Renowned individuals credit Jovago.com with excellent performance this year because of positive feedback of their customers and increased interest of people towards tourism.

Commenting on this informative session, Nadine Malik, Managing Director of Jovago Pakistan said; 

“Jovago.com is an enterprise that aspires to support and encourage tourism industry of Pakistan and we are proud to be a part of this platform which is playing an influential role to promote the beauty, culture and expansion of Pakistan tourism industry on the whole.”

The event saw many prominent bloggers, print and online media in attendance.

What is Jovago: Jovago.com is an online hotel booking service with offices in Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya), Dakar (Senegal) founded by Africa Internet Group and has MTN and Millicom as investors. Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 booking portal, facilitates the booking process for its users to provide them with the best hotel booking experience with fast, transparent and easy-to-use services. Jovago.com has over 20,000 local hotel listings across Africa and over 200,000 hotels around the world.

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