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Lahore (News Desk) – Emojis have totally changed the way we use to type messages. Without these cute little faces the message seems incomplete. Be it Pakistan or any other country, the addiction for using these emojis in communications is on the rise. Emojis for sure are the universal language for youth, because these Emojis are now more impactful than words. It was definitely time for a youth brand to take over this platform.

When it comes to doing something for the youth, how can Pepsi take a back seat? The brand has left no stones unturned when it comes to advertising platforms. Thus, PepsiMoji was launched. Making a successful launch in Canada they are now here on our land.

Pepsi has customized the emojis according to the market needs. These customized emojis will enable the Pakistani masses to help bring a spark in their daily conversations, whether it be a serious life changing decision or simply a light hearted conversation between family and friends.

Pepsi offers you a totally new, fun and trendy way to communicate. To spark your conversation get some amazing ideas from Pepsi’s Facebook page as the amazing videos and pictures just for you. Visit www.facebook.com/PepsiPK and #SayItWithPepsi

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