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KARACHI: Karachi Driving Licence Department has launched a free application in collaboration with a private IT company for convenience of national and overseas Pakistani drivers who can now check their status of licences issued from Karachi Licence Department. 

The application can be downloaded free from Google play store in all Android mobile phones, said Karachi Driving Licence Department DIG Aftab Pathan on Friday. 

DIG Aftab said driving licence is an important document for all those people who are driving cars, motorcycles and other heavy vehicles and a driver should carry it all the time while driving any vehicle. 

He said the free app will benefit drivers to verify their licences they possess. He said those people who have already got their licences through proper channel will receive their correct data, however, the fake licence holders will get message “data is not found” when they insert their ID card number. The DIG said this free app will also close the business of agents who are selling fake licences to those people who want to bypass the proper procedure of getting licences. 

The main reason behind this initiative is to provide a solution for all those people who want to verify their driving licences whether registered or not, he added. DIG in his message to educated class of the society said that they should abide by the law and be responsible citizens, adding that no others but the “educated class has affected the most to our country’s laws” as compared to uneducated section of the society. 

“When we travel in UAE or UK, we wear the seat belt in the car first but violate the same law in our own country,” 
he concluded. 


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