» » » Pizza boxes ‘contain chemicals that cause snails to grow penises’

Some pizza boxes contain a dangerous chemical that can mutate the sexual organs of snails.

Scientists have warned that the packaging often contains perfluoroalkyls, a chemical that stops grease soaking through the cardboard but also causes female snails to grow penises.

Some warn that the chemical could cause health problems in humans too – and it has been linked to some forms of cancer.

Marin biologist Dr Mark Hartl told The Daily Record the chemical ‘inhibited an enzyme important in female sexual development,’ adding that it caused ‘a build-up of testosterone in female snails, leading to masculinised females who grew penises’.

Perfluoroalkyls are banned in north America but at the moment there are no restrictions in the United Kingdom or the EU, leaving manufacturers free to include the chemical in pizza boxes.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is not known which food outlets sell pizza boxes containing the chemical – and which do not.

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