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Chitral—Children of 40 years old late Haista Khan have urged the provincial government to take action against doctors of Drosh and Chitral hospital for their negligence. Talking to local journalists, brothers and children of Haistan Khan said that Haista Khan of Shahnigar Drosh was sick who was rushed to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, Drosh, on December 8 some 45 km from here. His condition was worsened and was referred to Teaching Hospital, Peshawar, but there was no ambulance at THQs Hospital.

They said that they approached District Health Officer Dr. Israrullah Khan and MS of DHQ Hospital Dr. Faizul Mulk who arranged an ambulance from RHC, Koghuzi, but there was no oxygen gas cylinder in that. Hence the driver went back to carry oxygen gas cylinder and came after one day.

They said that they left for Peshawar but, on one hand, condition of ambulance was bad while, on the other, the existing oxygen finished after a few minutes as a result Haista Khan expired on his way before reaching hospital.

His daughters, crying and weeping, said that Haista Khan left 4 daughters and one son who are all underage and there is no source of income for his family. They said they moved an application to District Police Officer of Chitral for lodging an FIR against doctors involved in negligence as a result Haista Khan died but police did not lodge the FIR.

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

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