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حاملہ خواتین کی پی آئی میں میں سفر کرنے پر پابندی کی خبر غلط اور بے بنیاد ہے: پی آئی اے

by APP

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Friday clarified that ban on traveling of pregnant women into 27th month of pregnancy and beyond is according to the International standards and the airline is abiding by it in letter and spirit.

The PIA spokesmsn termed the news about ban on travel of all pregnant women as baseless and said that in all PIA flights only those pregnant women into the 27th week of pregnancy and beyond are not allowed to travel, as per international standards.

In reference to media reports regarding a circular recently issued by PIA, he emphasized that PIA has always maintained high standards of passenger and aircraft safety and there is no question of compromising on them.

"The circular being quoted by the media aims at improving efficiency and on time performance of the airline", he said.

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