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Microsoft has recently launched a competition for young talented IT students in Pakistan named Microsoft Learn for Success. The competition aims to provide fun learning and earn points by taking Learn for Success challenges on TechRewards Challenges.

The students (18 years or above) will get the chance to earn points by downloading free software from DreamSpark and receive free Microsoft training delivered by experts from Microsoft Virtual Academy and many other challenges to come. It is hoped that they’ll build the necessary skills to help grow in their professional career with Microsoft technologies.

As the students will earn points through challenges, they’ll find updated score on Learn for Success Heroes leaderboard weekly. The competition gives an edge to Microsoft Student Partner by sharing their promo code with others students, using which other students can join the competition.

The top 2 Learn for Success contest performers assessed by June 30th 2016 at 11:59 PM [GMT] will be invited to attend summer internship at Microsoft Developer Experience and Evangelism (DX) department in Pakistan for 5 months.

It will be noteworthy that the competition is alive not only in Pakistan but also in Egypt, Lebanon & Saudi Arabia.

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