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Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL), the largest ICT services provider in the country has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Telenor Pakistan. This MoU will facilitate Telenor to avail PTCL’s vast network footprint and infrastructure spread nationwide for their growing 3G subscriber base. Mr. Omar Khalid, EVP Carrier Services & Wholesale, PTCL and Mr. Khurram Ashfaq, CTO Telenor Pakistan signed the MoU in a ceremony held at Telenor Pakistan headquarters here in Islamabad.

In the post ‪3G/‪4G regime, cellular operators are foreseeing a steep incline in the data usage patterns of subscribers. This requires a considerable backhaul of their BTS networks through fiber connectivity. The aim of backhauling these networks are to ensure their readiness for the evolving data market of Pakistan. As per the MOU, PTCL and Telenor Pakistan shall sign a frame agreement where Telenor shall utilize PTCL’s technical expertise and extensive experience for the deployment of their fiber network infrastructure over a period of five years.

During the signing, senior management from both companies emphasized the need for closer cooperative ties to provide innovative, cost effective and readily available services for the Pakistani market. Mr. Sikandar Naqi, Chief Business Development Officer PTCL, explained in detail how this partnership would go a long way in paving a bright future for both stakeholders involved.

Also present at the occasion were, Mr. Saad Warraich, Chief Technical & Information Officer PTCL and Mr. Espen Brettas Dahle ,Chief Financial Officer Telenor Pakistan. Both were in agreement that the MoU signed would strengthen the bond between PTCL and its cellular partners within an evolving and highly competitive telecom market.

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