» » » » The HP Elite x3 with Windows 10 – Redefining the Mobile Computing Experience for Businesses

Windows 10 was inspired by a vision that computing could be more personal and that your computing experience should be familiar, yet tailored, to the device you are using. With Windows 10, your experiences can move with you across any device, from traditional devices (like PCs, tablets, or phones), to next-gen computing devices that are new or newly imagined (HoloLens, IoT and beyond).

We then invested in our Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to enable developers to build apps that move across devices, automatically adapting to the different device types and screen sizes. So regardless of whether you are using a 5” phone, a 13” notebook, or 24” in All-in-One, the experience should have that familiar Windows look and feel, while enabling you to have a richer experience as the screen real estate grows.

This enables Windows 10 to help people be more productive across their devices, whenever and wherever they are. Software innovations like Continuum, Cortana, and Windows Hello are ways we make Windows more personal and more secure. This week at Mobile World Congress we are excited to showcase a range of devices that embrace these new innovations.

One new device we see as a breakthrough in mobile computing is the HP Elite x3 – powered by Windows 10 and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. The device, specifically created for business, truly embraces the idea of the mobility of experience to help people be more productive.  HP calls the Elite X3, “The one device that’s every device”. With the power of Continuum it can be used as three separate devices – a phone, a tablet, or a PC – bringing a new class of innovation to enterprise customers looking for a powerful device for all of their apps and experiences.

“We believe in a world where technology will work for you and adapt to your needs, context and environment,” said Dion Weisler, president and chief executive officer, HP Inc. “The HP Elite X3 is a revolutionary mobile device designed for an ever-changing, connected world, adjusting to business and personal needs so industries and individuals can keep reinventing how they operate, ideate and create what matters most to them.”

Continuum isn’t the only thing that makes the HP Elite x3 innovative. The HP Elite x3 utilizes the power of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to extend application experiences across any of the three device states, helping people and businesses get the most out of their hardware. The HP Elite x3 can be docked and used like a desktop PC so that people can do familiar desktop PC tasks, like using a keyboard and mouse with Microsoft Office, browsing the internet with the Microsoft Edge browser, or running any special LOB application. It feels like a PC. However, because of the engineering work we’ve done with HP, people can simply undock their HP Elite x3, and have the versatility of both a phone and PC in their pocket.

UWP will also save IT manager’s time and improves total cost of ownership. With UWP, IT managers only have to write one UWP app and then have it scale seamlessly across the PC, tablet and phone experience. No longer do IT managers have to create multiple versions of the same app, for different form factors or operating systems. This will save IT managers countless hours, in both developing and managing the applications, improving the total cost of ownership of the device.

The HP Elite X3 will come with Microsoft Office, and HP is partnering with Salesforce to jointly deliver a native Salesforce application pre-installed on every HP Elite x3 device.

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