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EVER wondered who had the audacity to delete you from Facebook?
If you've noticed your Friend count suddenly drop and you're eager for answers, this new app could turn out to be your new best pal.
Who Deleted Me keeps track of your Facebook Friends list and notifies you when anyone goes awol.
A screenshot of the app Who Deleted Me.
How the app will reveal the 'friends' who cut you off

When you first login the app takes stock of your current list of mates and every time you return it compares the latest version to the saved one.
It then informs you who your missing pals are and whether they have deactivated their account, or simply been idiots and deleted you.
It also lets you in on the people you're making connections with as opposed to breaking them, so it's not all doom and gloom.
It's available for free on Chrome and Firefox Internet browsers as a plug-in as well as Android and Apple mobile devices.
The Facebook homepage.
Facebook doesn't alert users when they've been unfriended Getty

Sadly the app cannot provide backdated information on who has deleted you in the past.
It also enables you to keep track of who YOU have deleted - though be aware others may be using this brilliant tool too.
Something to bear in mind next time you're considering having a Facebook Friend cull...

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