» » » Boyfriend of 22-year-old rejected her..girl committed suicide by jumping from four-storey apartment

Bengaluru: Neha (22), a student of Engineering committed suicide by jumping from a four-storey apartment of her boyfriend, Vignesh, Monday night.

Girl, Neha Reddy was a daughter of Mallesh Reddy, a businessman. She was studying in second semester of Engineering in New Horizon College.

Her boyfriend, Vignesh was taken into police custody on the charges of abetment to suicide. He had allegedly promised to marry Neha after finishing his education.

FIR revealed that Neha, who took the promises made by Vignesh seriously, had even introduced him to her family as her fiancé. But the situation changed when Vignesh exposed his relationship to his parents. After knowing about the relationship, his family warned him to stay away from Neha.

After receiving warning from parents, Vignesh started avoiding Neha’s calls for the past few weeks. When Neha confronted Vignesh, she asked him why he was avoiding her. Vignesh told her that he wants to dissociate himself from her.

Disappointed by his behavior, Neha on Monday went to Vignesh’s house to convince him, but after heated argument, Vignesh told Neha that he would never be able to marry her. See could not bear the humiliation. She told Vignesh that she was going to end her life and a final good bye to Vignesh before she walked out of his house. She climbed onto the terrace of the building and committed suicide by jumping.

She was rushed to nearby hospital where she was declared brought death. (Siasat.com)

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