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(Web Desk) – Former bureaucrat and religious scholar Orya Mqbool Jan has said that Islam is a religion which stresses on release of slaves however the religion also allows its followers to have sexual relationship with female slaves without any formal marriage (Nikah).

Talking to Neo TV, Jan said that Islam strongly discourages slavery and it condemns the sale of even a single male or female. The sale and purchase of men and women of enemy forces or conquered areas is forbidden in Islam and instead it teaches Muslims to carry such war captives to their own houses and treat them as their own slaves, he further explained.

When asked if one could have sexual intercourse with his female slaves without Nikah, he said that it is allowed in Islam. It is Allah’s principle and Pakistani government should fully implement as being an Islamic State, he went on to say.

On the occasion he also claimed that thousands of women were smuggled from one country to other during World War I and II.

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