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Jovago.com, Pakistan’s leading hotel-booking website has officially launched Jovago Extranet App, a mobile application that will revolutionize the daily tasks of Hotel Managers. 

Lahore: Pakistan’s No. 1 hotel booking website, Jovago.com,has launched Jovago Extranet App, a mobile application that aims at giving more flexibility and independence to hotel managers.

“Jovago wants to give the best international standards of the hotel industry and the latest technologies to all our Hotel partners, we want to democratize these new tools for all our partners and make their job easier ” said Paul Midy, CEO of Jovago.

The Android App will enable Hotel managers to confirm new reservations, see and search through all reservations, change rates for any time period and change room availability for any time period. They will also see customer reviews, confirm guest check in and get some unique stats about hotel performance, all this at their convenient time. This will create a better experience for both the hotel and the Jovago customer.

Jovago.com ensures that its inventory of 25,000 hotels in Africa and in Paksitan is accessible to customers online, by tapping on today's technology. For instance, with insightful data provided by the company, a hotel manager will easily know the pricing of his competitors, thus making informed decisions on how to remain competitive. 

“Hotels on Jovago benefit from focused local marketing reach in Africa, generating business they could not tap into otherwise. We want to empower these partners to get the best out of working with us,” says Eduard Meyjes, Global Head of Revenue Management, Jovago. He adds, “Phone communication can be challenging in Pakistan. With the app, hotels can make fast and reliable changes exactly when they want to. Especially smaller hotels can now benefit from smart tools that were only available to larger hotel chains before.”

First feedbacks are positive: “The app is very user friendly, easy to access everything. All the properties are linked in 1 App and It saves a lot of time as there are no more calls and sms confirmations.” said the manager of Lahore Palace.

Following the launch of the Extranet mobile application, Jovago.com is now working towards unveiling the Web version of the App, to further improve user experience for potential customers. As a leading online hotel-booking website, Jovago.com is simply a one-stop-shop for hotels when it comes to their online marketing and operations.  PR

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