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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has signed a strategic memorandum of understanding with ZTE Corporation for setting up a Joint Innovation Centre (JIC) on Big Video in Pakistan.

The JIC is a key initiative of PTCL and ZTE for Smart TV development, empowering PTCL to provide high quality video services to customers on TV and mobile devices.

The centre, first of its kind in big video services in Pakistan, will allow both PTCL and ZTE to share resources, exchange knowledge and tap into the potential of the latest available technologies. Now PTCL will be able to further enhance its Smart TV offering, bring in more value and provide new, value-added services to customers.

The MOU was signed by PTCL Chief Commercial Officer Adnan Shahid and ZTE Corporation Multimedia Product & Services Vice President Frank Fang.

The PTCL-ZTE agreement will also serve to strengthen the PTCL digital ecosystem based on video solutions and will support the convergence of the PTCL ICT infrastructure to counter emerging OTT technologies and improving competence and innovation levels with an eye on future planning.

This partnership shall also establish a process of research and development, which would lay down an operation model for PTCL to create the best experience for customers in terms of Smart TV usage in addition to offering superior services such as 4K Ultra High Definition TV.

Commenting on the establishment of JIC, PTCL CCO Adnan Shahid said, "PTCL has been a leader in providing digital entertainment. Big video JIC in Pakistan will enable us to provide new and innovative video services for people in Pakistan with local research and development to meet our local, cultural and digital requirements."

PTCL offers state of the art digital TV with time-shift and video on demand services. PTCL Smart TV app using ZTE platform was nominated for the Best Mobile App in the media, film, TV/video category of GSMA Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) 2016 recently at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

ZTE Cloud Computing & IT Senior Vice President Zhu Jinyun said on the occasion, "ZTE is a market leader in video OTT in the world. We are pleased to see PTCL using our platform to offer live TV and videos to its customers. We feel excited to further collaborate with PTCL in various domains including PTCL Smart TV offering for creating superior user experience for customers in Pakistan."

PTCL is the largest ICT service provider in Pakistan, encompassing fixed line voice telephony, wireline and wireless broadband Internet, broadband and multimedia services, digital television and a wide array of corporate solutions for businesses and enterprises.

ZTE Corporation is a leading provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions around the globe, with operations in 160 countries.  PR

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