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Government of Sindh, Mortein and Plan International launched ‘Dengue se Paak Pakistan’ campaign. From left to right: Sajjad Hussain (Plan International representative), Fahad Ashraf (Director Marketing, Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan), Dr Hayat (Director Health Program Balochistan), Dr Masood Solangi (Program Manager, Dengue Control Government of Sindh), Syed Safdar Raza (Plan International representative), Dr Masood Nosherwani (DG Health Balochistan), Dr Shireen Narejo (Special Secretary Health Sindh), Dr Faheem Ijaz (Deputy DG Health Sindh), Asim Saleem (National Program Manager Plan International) and Umair Naeem (Category Manager Reckitt Benckiser).

Karachi: Dr Shireen Narejo, Special Secretary Health Government of Sindh, along with Fahad Ashraf, Director Marketing Reckitt Benckiser, and Asim Saleem, representative from Plan International Pakistan announced the launch of “Dengue Se Paak Pakistan” campaign to further the cause of a dengue-free Pakistan. This was announced at a press briefing held in Karachi where the importance of undertaking proactive measures to reduce the incidence of dengue was highlighted. 

The incidence of dengue increases post rainy season due to stagnant water that becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This year, provincial governments are taking proactive measures at the grass root level to ensure reduction in the incidence of dengue in Pakistan, which has significantly increased in the last 5 years. In 2015 alone, 3,692 cases were reported in Sindh while KPK and Punjab accounted for 1,397 and 4,281 dengue victims. These cases were reported across urban cities as well as rural settlements.

“The Sindh government is already working on a dengue prevention and control programme. We want to proactively plan for this season to ensure people are adequately equipped with the right tools to protect themselves from diseases like dengue.” 
said Dr Shireen Narejo speaking to reporters at the event. 

Fahad Ashraf also spoke about the Campaign, 
“This initiative is in line with RB’s philosophy of ‘Healthier lives, happier homes’. Mortein has been actively involved in enabling and empowering families to protect themselves from mosquito-borne diseases, particularly dengue, since the past several years. This time with this campaign we aim to go national and have envisaged a Dengue Se Paak Pakistan. We appreciate the government’s support immensely in this regard.”

The Campaign aims to reduce the incidence of dengue all over the country through a multi-pronged approach that will focus on a number of pre-planned activities characterized by a combination of innovative approaches to generate maximum impact and learning. These activities will focus on educating people mainly on 4 key areas mainly: cover (open water containers and getting rid of stagnant water puddles); clear (trash and keep surroundings clean); safety (through use of anti-mosquito products) and, support (each other by encouraging this behavior). A ‘Dengue Se Paak Pakistan’anthem sung by acclaimed vocalist Rahat Fateh Ali Khan also forms part of the Campaign’s awareness plan.

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Founded in 1937, Plan International is one of the world’s oldest and largest child-centered community development organizations. Plan International’s child centered organization and everything it does must be measured against the impact it has on children. Changes will not be made for the sake of change; rather Plan International will change to best meet the needs of children. Plan International is independent, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations. During 2015 Plan worked in a total of 72 countries. 

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