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Kuala Lumpur: Two days after a Christian teenager converted to Islam, another 4 non-Muslims recited the Shahadah (declaration of faith) at Dr Zakir Naik’s sole lecture in the capital titled “Is Quran the word of God?” on Saturday night and became Muslims.

As per media reports, two men and two women recited the “shahadah.” One of them was 23-year-old from India, is in Malaysia since three years and had learned about Islam over the past year.

Hurender Bal Singh make the leap of faith after he was satisfied with the explanation by Dr Zakir Naik about a non-Muslim converting to Islam for marriage.

“He told me everything about my [previous] religion and Islam, that there is no image of any God. I will follow Islam. I will be good in Islam. I’ll do my best,” he told reporters later, referring to Dr Zakir.

Before reciting the Shahadah, Dr Zakir Naik asked Hurender Bal Singh repeatedly if he was forced or paid by anyone to do so.

“No, no one forcing me. I believed in Allah and that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is God’s messenger and I’m willing to be a Muslim,” said the Punjabi man during the question and answer session at the event before an audience who numbered more than 30,000 at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil here.

After Singh, a woman dressed in a black rope and scarf, claiming to be a Roman Catholic without mentioning her name and where she was from immediately announced that she also wanted to embrace Islam.

Dr Zakir Naik after that asked her if she believed in Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) as His messenger, to which she said “‘yes” and then proceeded to recite the Shahadah.

After that another woman, named Michelle too, announced that she wanted to recite the Shahadah and was guided by Dr Zakir to do so.

A Sarawakian, Joel anak Along, 26, who is from Miri and had been studying Islam for a few years, also come to a decision to be a Muslim after asking Dr Zakir about the power of Shahadah.

Last Thursday, Woo Nina Grace, 19, left Christianity for Islam at Dr Zakir’s final lecture in Terengganu which was held at Padang Astaka in Kemaman.

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