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Peek Freans RIO, Pakistan’s leading cream biscuit brand by English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Limited (EBM), in collaboration with WWF Pakistan, is organizing the Annual Travelling Nature Carnival on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at PAF Museum Karachi, from 9am to 5pm. 

The Carnival aims at raising awareness of nature and the importance of conservation among children and general public. More than 50 schools from Karachi and interior Sindh will be participating in the Carnival, displaying their art and science work through 3D models, presentations and other mediums. The schools will also be competing in essay writing and quiz competitions. 

The head of marketing at English Biscuit Manufacturers Pvt. Limited, Zulfiqar Ali Ansari, said in this regard, 
“Peek Freans RIO is a fun filled biscuit, targeted at children, and aims at giving them a pleasure filled experience. To do so responsibly, we believe in an environmentally friendly approach. At EBM, we have continuously worked towards nourishing our environment and with WWF; we aim to use this platform to create a sense of responsibility among students to nurture the same.”

Rab Nawaz, Senior Director-Biodiversity, WWF-Pakistan shared that the features of the Nature Carnival has mass appeal, thus attracting youth and students which serves as a vital tool in spreading awareness about scarce natural resources. Moreover, it will help link humans to nature. ‘Identifying our individual roles in a sustainable future is the key to a progressive and well balanced society’, he added. 

The theme of this year’s competitions include animals and plants of wetlands, on-campus plantation, effects of water and air pollution on health, freshwater conservation, energy conservation and reduction of carbon footprint. The winners will be awarded with certificates, awards and gift hampers. 

Other activities at the Carnival include puppet and magic shows, theatrical performance, live music, lucky draws and food court. The event is open to families for people to enjoy a fun learning experience with their kids as well as support and encourage the participants and their projects.

Peek Freans RIO, launched in 1995, has taken the market by storm and become the number one selling cream biscuit brand within the entire biscuit industry. From a single flavor, the brand has grown to include several unique variants including Strawberry Vanilla, Chocolate Vanilla and Chocolate, which are loved by children across the country.  PR

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