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They might not go so far as to exclaim ‘royal cuteness!’ as some outlets have, but even the staunchest of republicans would have to admit that Prince George looks pretty adorable in this picture.

The third in the line to the throne had to stand on a stack of books (and hold his dad’s hand for balance) to pose for pictures used in a series of new stamps featuring four generations of the Royal Family.

They have been commissioned especially to mark the 90th birthday of George’s ‘Gan-Gan’ (that’s ‘Her Majesty The Queen to you and me).

The royals were photographed by Ranald Mackechnie in the summer of 2015 for Royal Mail – with a portrait of four generations that features The Queen, HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duke of Cambridge.

But more significantly, it is the first time that HRH George of Cambridge has also featured – with the photograph taken in the White Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace.

He held on tight to William’s hand to help him balance (Picture: PA)

The six specially commissioned stamps focus on each side of the monarch’s life – with three focusing on her family life, and the other half honouring The Queen’s official role.

The family stamps include an image of the Queen with her children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne during their childhood – along with an stamp featuring the Duke of Edinburgh to mark their long marriage.
The other three stamps reflect The Queen’s official duties: as Head of State for the opening of Parliament, as the  Head of the Commonwealth in a photo with Nelson Mandela; and a state visit to New Zealand.

The images represent more than 100 state visits made worldwide by Her Majesty since her accession.

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