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Karachi: With the exciting cricket season drawing to a close, it’s worthwhile to take a look back at the cricket fever that swept across the country. Mobile internet is changing the way people access information profoundly, as penetration of smartphones is growing rapidly. During this cricket season, millions of Pakistani cricket fans got complete and up-to-date information including live scores, news, photos, videos, live tweets, commentaries, etc. via UC Cricket, an in-app cricket content widget of UC Browser, the most popular browser in Pakistan. The huge traffic generated by these users allowed the browser to offer insights into how cricket content is consumed and followed from mobile phones by analysing this national sport enthusiasm.

This year, UC Browser witnessed millions of users using UC Cricket with over 7 million users participating in the cricket themed online games. Talking about this cricket passion, Kenny Ye, GM of Global Markets, Alibaba Mobile Business Group said: “We not only provide complete cricket content to our Pakistani users, but also help them better connect with the sport through our web games. We hope to bring the nation together and share the joy of cricket among our users.” PR

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