» » » #Delhi girl hangs self, asks parents to donate her organs in suicide note

A 17-year-old girl hanged herself at her home in north Delhi’s Maurice Nagar on Tuesday after she failed twice in her chemistry exams. She left behind a suicide note urging her parents to donate her organs.

“I cannot live without any destination… Sorry Papa I failed to be your good daughter… Don’t blame anybody for my extreme step… Papa my last wish is to donate my organs to needy persons…(sic),” were the last few words written by Reema Sood, a Class 11 student of a government school.

But only her eyes could be donated, as her two-page suicide note was recovered by the police in her school bag almost a day after she died. Her other organs were rendered useless due to the delay, said the girl’s family.

Sood hung herself from a water pipe in the bathroom using her dupatta (stole). Police said she went into depression after seeing her annual exam results on Tuesday afternoon.

Her mother Mamta Rani was busy in household work when Sood locked herself in the bathroom and hung herself.

Reema’s father Rajesh Kumar, who works with Delhi University (DU), said he was unaware of his daughter’s note till the police officers informed him about it on Wednesday.

“It was my brother who read the note and informed me about her last wish. The moment I learnt about my daughter’s noble wish, my priority was to honour her last wish at any cost. We requested the police officers to hold back their probe till the necessary consent for the donation was granted,” Kumar told HT.

“We don’t know who will be the beneficiaries of my daughter’s eyes. But whosoever gets the eyes, we will track him or her for sure and remain in touch for life,” said Reema’s father. He said his daughter wanted to be a doctor and she knew the importance of organ donation.

Sood wanted her answer sheet be re-checked as she was confident of clearing the exam. HindustanTimes

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