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Islamabad—Information Technology expert Syed Salman Ali said IT in today’s age could help introduce new business ventures for the youths in the country. Talking to a private news channel, he said IT was a fast growing field now-a-days but unfortunately it had never been properly utilized due to the lack expertise and information. He said it was a very important topic as we were living in the age of information adding there was a huge influx of information coming from different sources and it was being communicated and presented to the people after being used and filtered.

He said the world had turned into a global village of information and the importance IT could never be neglected as it had become the need of the hour. He said there were two mediums which were being used in information technology one was hardware and other was software added that hardware information was being presented on the computers, laptops, mobile devices, Ipad, Tabs, and on wristwatches while the software technology or the coded language being used and presented to the people online. Replying to a question, he said the unemployment issue could be resolved by working on software industry online using 3G, 4G networks as the government’s appreciable ‘laptop scheme’ had enabled many youths to have access to this technology and worked online easily.
He said that people with aptitude of creative activities could go to the illustration, animation and could work on the data base or start their own business on the google as it had become a biggest advertising company right now. Replying about 3G and 4G network mechanism, he said that 3G 4G could be utilized for the internet networking across the country and luckily this facility had been introduced in the far-flung areas of the country also.

“In the IT field, the digital marketing plays very vital role in the current scenario as it has the quality of changing itself after 5 to 6 years and being moulded towards more good access of information as the Iphone has changed the world altogether”, he added. He further said that the digital marketing helped to introduce your own page on the computer screen for advertising and blogs purposes to help other people to view your day-to-day activities online. He emphasised upon the need to be IT literate to have access to his own data base, bio metric, health information, communication, account information online as IT had maintained 180 million peoples’ data online which had replaced ‘patwari and file culture’ in the country.

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