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Islamabad:  JazzCash and Cinepax Cinemas have signed an agreement, whereby all Cinepax Cinemas are now powered by JazzCash’s Payment Gateway. A digital solution to the trials and tribulations of traditional cinema ticket purchasing, it allows moviegoers the convenience of buying tickets by visiting Cinepax’s website or mobile app, booking their tickets and paying through their JazzCash account.

Mobilink Picture With English CaptionSpeaking on the occasion, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Head of Digital &Mobile Financial Services – Mobilink, stated, 

“This cinema ticketing service is an answer to the prayers of cinema goers. It provides movie buffs with easy access to booking seats for their favorite movies from the comfort of their homes.It also supports our commitment to providing customers with a convenient way of making purchases through a streamlined process demonstrating ease and security.”

“Our partnership with JazzCash enables us to better facilitate our valued customers, and assists us inreducing the pressure on our box office when tickets for blockbusters go on sale,” 
added Mohsin Yaseen, GM Marketing – Cinepax Cinemas.Once customers purchase the ticket using JazzCash, they can just walk to a dedicated kiosk in Cinepax Cinemas to enter their booking ID and get the print outs of tickets they paid for. Going forward, JazzCash and Cinepax are also planning to utilize JazzCash’s NFC payment facilities for ticket purchasing.

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