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PESHAWAR (via Dawn): Awami National Party provincial general secretary Sardar Hussain Babak has alleged that a foreign-funded NGO has given credit to the PTI-led government for the reforms and improvement in the education sector in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa brought about by the previous ANP government.

In a statement issued here on Monday, Mr Babak, who was education minister in the last government, expressed anguish over the Alif Ailaan`s recent report on the performance of education sector in the province, saying the NGO had presented a wrong picture to the people.

The Alif Allaan needs to clarif y it s position as it has damaged his party by giving credit to PTI for reforms introduced by the ANP, he claimed, saying Alif Ailaan had mentioned in its report the education data of the period when ANP was in power, but credit was given to PTI.

Talking to Dawn, Mr Babak, who is also parliamentary leader of ANP in the provincial assembly, said NGOs working in the region had a hidden agenda to promote the image of a certain political party.

He said he had also written a letter to the administration of AlifAllaan to clarify its position, but he had yet to receive any reply despite lapse of a week.

If Alif Allaan doesn`t reply, then I would inform its funding agency, Department For International Development (DFID), UK, through a letter, threatened Mr Babak, saying the issue would be raised at all forums.

The ANP leader said DFID had played a pivotal role in education and other important sectors of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and hoped it would continue its role in future. He demanded of the high ups of DFID to take notice of the Alif Ailaan`s`campaign in favour` of PTI, saying NGO should focus on its work instead of interfering in the politics of the province.

When contacted, Alif Allaan`s chief campaigner Musharraf Zaidi told Dawn that his organisation had never given any credit to any political party, rather it presented its report based on data collected from the government schools. Alif Ailaan is not an NGO rather a campaign aimed to make education a political discourse, he said. `Alif Ailaan has presented data based on facts having no political interest,` he added.

Published in Dawn - on June 14, 2016

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