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CHITRAL: Patients and their attendants at District Headquarters Hospital Chitral continue to suffer, which implies the provincial government’s claims of providing maximum health services and improving infrastructure are false.

Even getting an entrance slip to the hospital’s outpatient department (OPD) has become a herculean task for the people.

There is only a one-window system for the OPD and in an emergency situation, patients from all over Chitral district hover around it, waiting their turn. Majority of the visitors and patients return home without getting an opportunity to meet doctors for prescriptions.

One of the patients told The Express Tribune he had been waiting to get an entrance slip since early morning and failed. “It is almost evening and I am going home now,” he complained.

Almost all such patients, who are unable to see doctors at the hospital, visit their private clinics later. Moreover, since a vast majority of patients come from far-flung and almost inaccessible areas and villages, they are compelled to stay at hotels in Chitral till their appointment.

Furthermore, women’s counter at the hospital is occupied by paramedical association and the hospital administration has failed to make alternative arrangements.

When contacted, DHQ Chitral Medical Superintendent Dr Faizul Mulk Jillani blamed patients and their attendants for the disorder.

He said people did not cooperate with doctors and the hospital administration. However, he acknowledged difficulties existed for female patients and visitors since the only counter was unavailable for them.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 7th, 2016.

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