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In the last 30 hours, 6 children have been kidnapped from various areas of Lahore, reported Waqt News. Police has not recovered any of them.

Children have been kidnapped from Iqbal Town, New Anarkali, Shahdara, Nishtar Colony, Chauni and Nasirabad in Lahore. IG Punjab said, “Police teams are searching for the missing children but there is no success.” In the last 15 days there is an alarming increasing the kidnapping of children. 208 children were kidnapped in the past few days, 189 children have been recovered while 19 are still missing.

A kidnapper was caught red handed by the residents of the Shahdara area today. Police was called immediately and he was arrested. They have taken him in for interrogation.

Police is advising parents to remain vigilant and not let children go out alone. Parents are protesting in various areas and raising questions regarding the law and order situation conditions of the city.

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