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Monsoon Season not only refresh every living being after dealing with the burning heat of summers but even brings diseases along with it. Due to warm, wet and humid climate, malaria and dengue has become common during the Monsoons season. Recently Doctors has advised the general public to adopt preventive actions to lessen the chances of mosquito and flies borne diseases during monsoon season.

While talking to a local news channel, renowned Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon Dr S.M Qaisar Sajjad urged poor sanitary conditions, heavy rain water on roads choked gutters and plenty garbage in streets are major causes behind surge and increase of mosquito borne diseases in this season.

The rainy season is a perfect procreation ground for germs and bacteria which in turn leads to water borne diseases that affects a lot of people.The Health Department has been continuously asking citizens not to let water accumulate in and around their houses.

Malaria and dengue are caused by mosquitoes and people should be careful of stagnant water in and around their houses, said a specialist. Another physician Dr Hassan said, monsoon is the time when dirty water mixed with sewage and soil can cause infections.

According to doctors water logging on roads and lanes of cities localities are an open invitation of water borne diseases and remedial measures should be taken to keep diseases at bay. Hence the doctors said that the concerned civic authorities should launch a comprehensive fumigation campaign across the country in monsoon season to reduce the chances of mosquito diseases.

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