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Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) has launched its new global KitKat campaign, ‘However you break, share it’.

The 2016 activation, which is based on the ‘Celebrate the Breakers’ campaign and is currently live in selected airports, employs KitKat’s inimitable red branding to create four themed break benches.

A ‘Social Sharing Break’ bench has been equipped with a whiteboard for personal messages, a ‘Soft Break’ bench complete with a footrest, a ‘Music Break’ bench with piano seats, and a ‘Sports Break’ bench featuring a football and net.

Travellers are encouraged to capture their airport ‘break’ moment with a KitKat selfie stick, available upon purchase, and share their experiences with family and friends on social media via the hashtag #mybreak.

The campaign is due to roll out throughout the year to over 50 locations worldwide, including in Rio, Paris, Doha, and Singapore.

Stewart Dryburgh, Nestlé International travel retail manager said: “KitKat is a brand that creates natural, engaging and immersive brand activations that benefit everyone; shoppers receive a unique experience, retailers gain increased footfall and conversion rates, and KitKat strengthens its fan base by being part of positive break related experiences.

“That’s why we constantly strive to keep our concepts innovative with shopper engagement at heart.”

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