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DIR: The standing committee for communication in the National Assembly (NA) was told on Tuesday that more than 60 percent work on the Lowari Tunnel project had been completed and the project would be completed by June 2017.

The National Highway Authority (NHA) officials were giving briefing to member of the standing committee for communication in the National Assembly at a meeting at the Lowari Tunnel base camp.

Deputy Commissioner Upper Dir Muhammad Usman Mahsud, District Police Officer Athar Waheed, District Nazim Sahibzada Fasihullah, Tehsil Nazim Dir Mir Makhzanuddin, NHA officials were also present on the occasion.

NHA General Manager Mukaish Kumar said that four bridges were being made in which one bridge on Upper Dir side of the tunnel had been completed.

He said that the project had to be completed in June, 2015, however, its completion date was extended for two years due to converting it from rail tunnel to road tunnel. The NHA officials said that total of 14 kilometers approach road, seven kilometers each both side of the tunnel, would also be constructed.

 Member National Assembly Sahibzada Tariqullah advised the NHA officials that solar system lights should be installed at Lowari tunnel.  Sahibzada Tariqullah also directed the NHA officials that further delay in the Lowari Tunnel project would not be tolerated. The officials said that up to 24 security points would be established at the tunnel sides.

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