» » » Women burn burqas, men cut beards: Watch Syrians celebrate independence from ISIS

It's been 70 years since India celebrated independence. Most people celebrating the day today have forgotten what it was to be shackled. Not these Syrians, however. For them, the taste of independence is recent and fresh. And finally, in all the images of destruction and death, there comes a few images of hope. Scenes from the video above show what true joy, jubilation and relief looks like.

These Syrians were finally rescued after two years spent under oppressive rule by the Islamic State. They, and thousands of others, were rescued from ISIL by rebel groups after months of fighting in the city of Manbij, where ISIS forces used 2,000 Syrians as human shields.

The scenes are truly a sight to behold. Multitudes of people run past the demolished buildings cheering, smoking cigarettes and dancing. Not only that, men have been shaving their beards and women have been burning burqas as a way to celebrate their freedom, as a way to rebel against the ultra conservative Sharia law that ISIS forces on people.

Here's a news report by Syrian Kurdish news agency ANHA. The general spirit of bonhomie and happiness in the air is truly infectious. Children clap and smile as one of the women sets fire to a burqa.


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