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YahClick to serve niche segments across 55 cities in the country

Karachi: Yahsat, the UAE-based satellite operator, today announced that it has signed an agreement with alocalservice partner, Pak Datacom Limited, to distribute its satellite broadband service, YahClick, to users across Pakistan. 

Since its launch in Pakistan, in 2015, YahClick has been connecting individuals and businesses across both urban and rural areas. The partnership with Pak Datacom, is set to further facilitate the provision of high-speed connectivity to niche segments, of the country, which are currently underserved by traditional terrestrial and VSAT based satellite services. 

Customers including government and enterprise customers, require dependable service and rapid deployment, which is ensured through YahClick.Users have access to high-speed internet for activities including backup links and ATM/branch connectivity. YahClick offerings are also supplemented with in-country technical, operational and customer care from Pak Datacom Limited. 

Yahsat, the UAE-based satellite operator, today announced that it has signed an agreement with a local service partner, Pak Datacom Limited, to distribute its satellite broadband service, YahClick, to users across Pakistan.Picture shows (L-R) Khalid Al Zarooni, Account Manager – Asia, Yahsat, David Murphy, CCO, Yahsat, Najat Abdul Rahman, Executive Director – Business Development, Yahsat Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, CEO, Yahsat, Hussain Raza, GM Pak Datacom Limited ,Adnan Mehdi, Manager Sales & Marketing, Pak Datacom Limited ,Sajid Mangrio, Regional Director – Asia, Yahsat and Shahzad Afzal, Country Manager – Pakistan, Yahsat

Pak Datacom Limited, one of the largest data network operators in Pakistan, covering over 55 cities across the country, specializes in providing end-to-end data communication solutions through application of optical fiber, radio and satellite technologies. The company caters to multiple sectors including finance, telecommunications, aviation, and energy.

David Murphy, Chief Commercial Officer, Yahsat said “With the roll-out of a number of key economic projects in Pakistan, there has been an increase in the demand for fast and secure internet services. Be it the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which will significantly enhance the road network, or the Thar coal-mining project, which raises the bar for energy and power generation in the country. Government and corporate organizations are looking for reliable broadband services to communicate and share data in remote locations either as primary or secondary over satellite.”

"We are already serving this dynamic market and are looking forward to expanding our customer base, with the specific requirements, as Pak Datacom Limited comes on-board as our fourth strategic partner in the country. With this partnership, we aspire to serve diverse segments of the economy and further facilitate regional development,” added David. 

Syed Hussain Raza,General Manager – Marketing, Pak Datacom Limited said, “We feel proud to add a new exciting product in our product line, venturing with Yahsat has opened new industries in Pakistan to work with and an opportunity to increase our revenue stream. With our strong penetration in Government and Enterprise sector, Yahsat will help Pak Datacom Limited to do wonders in the business with complete customer satisfaction offering them all what they require under one roof. We hope to enjoy this new business relationship to the maximum of its strength.”

Tailored YahClick solutions, from Pak Datacom Limited available across Pakistan will enable users to have instantaneous access to global market intelligence, improve data management and communicate effectively. 

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