» » #Pak-India crisis leads to regional instability, says Iran

TEHRAN (Web Desk) Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Friday that continued crisis between India and Pakistan leads to regional instability and called on the two sides to exercise restrain, reports IRNA.  

The Islamic Republic of Iran is to invite the two neighboring states of India and Pakistan to observe restrain and avoid resort to any non-peaceful means, while urging them to resolve their problems through direct negotiations, he said. 

Mounting tension and continued crisis between the two countries will prepare the ground for extremists, terrorists and their supporters to promote insecurity and instability in the region, Qasemi said. He advised the two countries to find a peaceful and rational means in resolving the issue and avoid taking any gushy measures or military use. 

Countries with rich culture and civilization such as India and Pakistan once again can resolve their disputes through negotiation and understanding with resort to shuttle diplomacy, Qasemi said. Their efforts could disappoint the regional and international ill-wishers more than before. 

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