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(PPI) Peshawar: Chairman Qaumi Watan Party Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao has cautioned the federal government on the growing disappointment among people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa if due share is not given to the province in the projects associated with CPEC. 

These views were stated while addressing a mammoth gathering on the fourth Foundation day of Qaumi Watan Party in which thousands of Party workers univocally demanded rights for the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“Why do we not see any tenders, or construction of economic zones, transmission and crude oil lines in KP? The federal government is making false promises and statements claiming that work on the western route is in progress. In a frivolous attempt, the federal government is deceiving us by constructing a small portion of the route in Mianwali and Attock. People of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will never be a part to this hypocrisy.” Aftab Sherpao added

The chairman clarified that the Chinese government has taken steps to associate their backward areas with the project whereas the federal government in Pakistan has ignored the smaller federating units depriving them from any prospects of a developed future.

He added “The Prime Minister should ensure transparency and come clear regarding the 46 Billion Dollars project. Meetings with representatives of smaller provinces should be held and they should be taken into confidence. Concealing developmental projects reflects the pessimistic and cynical attitude of the federal government intended to cheat the smaller provinces off their rights.”

The Chairman also stated that the delay in census and politicizing integration of FATA with KP are an attempt by the foes of Pakistan to maintain status quo and instability in the region. He cited examples of the states of Kalat and Bahawalpur which were merged into the larger provinces.

“We demand census and merger of FATA and KP before the general elections of 2018. The constitution does not provide any provision for holding referendum or making FATA a separate province. Changes in FATA can only be carried out by the president after consultations with the grand Jirga which has already supported merger of FATA and KP. Those advocating delay in the merger on one pretext or another are the enemies of Pakhtoon nation”

The Chairman also pointed towards the paralyzed foreign policy and stated that the present Govt has failed in its primary objective to establish friendly relations with neighboring countries. Aftab Sherpao stated that the absence of a foreign minister, at this crucial juncture, is beyond comprehension.

Aftab Sherpao stated that the Federal government lacks the statesmanship ability, strength and vibrancy to represent Pakistan. The Federal government is incapacitated by its insular, prejudiced and narrow vision to serve Punjab while ignoring the rest of the country.

“They have failed to represent the case of Pakistan internationally and gradually we are alienating our friends. We are turning decades of service, hospitality and friendship with Afghan brothers into hostility and India is taking full advantage of the situation. The international organizations are indifferent towards the atrocities of Indian armed forces in occupied Kashmir which reflects the ineptitude of our foreign policy.”

The chairman also criticized the delay in issuance of NFC award which is not only hampering the progress but is also promoting consternation among people of the smaller federating units. Additionally the chairman demanded that the federal government should ensure monthly release of the net hydel arrears in order to ensure smooth financial management in the province. Aftab Sherpao vowed to resist exploitation of people of KP and stated that QWP will make every effort to ensure people of the province get their due rights.

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