» » » Hyderabad twin sisters abused for years by many; parents, brother involved

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Investigation into the twin sister rape case in Hyderabad revealed that the 8-year-olds were sexually abused for many years by different people, including their elder brother and father with connivance of their mother.

The sexual abuse happened over a period of five years in two places where the family had resided.

At Katedan, the girls were abused and molested by a supervisor in an air conditioned room where they were forced by their mother to sleep at night, a police statement said.

Earlier, when the family stayed at Budwel, both the girls were ‘molested’ by three unidentified persons when they were still in pre-school. Police are trying to identify the trio.

“Investigations done in this case so far revealed that the family had stayed near Budwel railway station here around 5 years back. From there they shifted to Katedan about 2 years back. All through this, the victims’ mother was maintaining intimacy with different adults,” police said.

The police have arrested their mother, their father named Jaffar, an auto driver and a factory owner in the case till now. The twins’ 16-year-old elder brother was also taken into custody.

According to the police the father-son duo had sexually abused the twin girls continuously for the past 15 to 20 days.

“The elder brother (of the sisters) and one of his friends also started exploiting them very recently as he seems to have witnessed some of the happenings in the house,” police said.

Pradeep Aggarwal, a factory owner, who was in an intimate relationship with the victims’ mother had ‘molested’ the girls. He was arrested on Sunday.

“Not only this, Jaffar also got one more auto driver named Shafi who also sexually assaulted the kids. All this was happening with the active connivance of the victims’ mother,” police said. The auto driver was also arrested on Sunday.

The incident came to light after the sisters revealed their ordeal to a family member, who approached a city-based NGO working for child rights which in turn lodged a police complaint recently.

Following the complaint, a case was registered on charges of rape and trafficking of persons under relevant sections of IPC and other provisions of Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act, police had said.

The NGO had said that the victims hailed from Nepal but have settled in Hyderabad.

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