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The boy was taken to a doctor recently who diagnosed Mithun with neurofibroma

Mithun Chauhan, 16-year-old boy from Bihar, struggles to lead a normal life everyday because of a rare genetic condition which has covered his entire body covered in large sores. The condition is such that Mithun finds it difficult to perform tasks like eating and breathing.

His family says that his condition worsened after a quack doctor in Bihar gave him wrong medicine to cure a painful mole. Mithun was only five-year-old at that time.

‘After taking the medicine, my child’s face started swelling. His entire body turned red like copper,’ DailyMail quoted his father Ramji Chauhan as saying.

Mithun spends most of his time inside his house in Navada, Bihar because of the reaction from locals who call him ‘ghost boy’, the report stated. The belief in superstition makes the villages, including his family, think that the gods have ‘cursed’ Mithun. His family performed several rituals to cure him but nothing worked.

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However, the report states, that the boy was taken to a doctor recently who diagnosed Mithun with neurofibroma, a disorder which causes tumours to grow along the nerves. The doctor believes that the boy can be cured of the disease which afflicts around 33,000 people around the world.

An online campaign is also being run to raise funds for Mithun’s treatment. As per the report, the doctors have estimated that his treatment may cost somwhere around Rs 3,00,000. Doctors have also suggested his father – who works as a daily labourer – that to provide Mithun with advanced treatment, he should be taken to hospital in Delhi or Mumbai.

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