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UBL Fund Managers Limited (UBL Funds), one of Pakistan’s leading asset management companies, has been recognized by an award for The Most Customer-Centric Asset Manager in Pakistan by The Europeanin its prestigious Global Banking & Finance Awards 2016. The European’s recognizes organizations that stand out from the crowd and are, consequently setting benchmarks for the global financial industry. Good governance, innovation, know-how, and quality of service are all major considerations for this recognition.

Commenting on this achievement, Yasir Qadri, CEO of UBL Funds, stated, “Building a world class asset management company starts with a willingness to create value for our clients by developing and delivering innovative and sophisticated investment solutions. The need to innovate and keep up with changing trends is perpetual and, at UBL Funds, we continue to provide our valued investors with new products created on the basis of their needs coupled with best-in-class services that surpass their expectations, thus delivering them a better investment experience.”

UBL Funds introduced Pakistan’s first-of-its-kind mobile application for online management of funds by investors – called the UBL Funds Smart Savings App –in an effort to ensure unmatched services and allow for easy transacting on-the-go. The company has a view to continuously search for ways to deliver convenience by stay a step ahead of their competitors through exploitation of technology. With an in-house initiative that they call Investments 2.0, UBL Funds aims, in the near future, to create new markets using technological innovation which will focus on Micro-Investments to make mutual fund investments possible for all income segments of the society and an Alternate Banking Solution to attract banking customers by making investment accounts equally manageable and as convenient as normal checking accounts. These services would include more online investment options, instant redemption features, third party and utility payment services, and a more dynamic, customized ATM card. With this strategy, today, UBL Funds stands as one of Pakistan’s most technologically advanced organization providing the best financial services possible for its customers.

Umber T Ansari, Head of Marketing & Distribution for UBL Funds, commented on the achievement by saying, “UBL Funds provides a wide portfolio of investment products, but remains primarily focused on awareness for the general public so that they may plan their futures by investing their funds wisely. We hold regular conferences and seminars for the purpose of increasing awareness and, as a company, we are also making the effort of having communication available in all different languages of Pakistan so that we may penetrate the masses. Additionally, we make educational videos on the benefits of saving and investing where we aren’t focusing on UBL Funds, but rather on the actual message of the importance of a savings culture.

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