» » » At least 11 killed 70 injured in blaze at #Karachi’s #RegentPlaza hotel

At least 11 people were killed and 65 injured in result of fire 
eruption in Regent Plaza hotel in Karachi, reported 24 News.

Thirty are still in critical condition.

Three fire brigade units reached at the site to control the blaze. The fire fighters controlled the fire in three hours with 11 people died in the incident, Faisal Edhi of Edhi Foundation told media.

According to details the fire broke out in the kitchen of hotel located in ground floor and quickly engulfed the whole six story building trapping the score of guests in their rooms.

The injured and affected were rushed to the near by Jinnah hospital.

While talking to the media, head of emergency department of Jinnah hospital Dr. Seemi Jamal said that people got injured after jumping from the height fracturing their bones, some were affected by shattered glass but most of them were treated for smoke inhalation.

“10 bodies were brought to the hospital in which six men including three doctors and four women were dead,” she added.

The foreigners in the hotel affected by the fire are now in stable condition.

The fire brigade’s operation is still underway as many people are still trapped in their rooms.

The reason of fire eruption is still unknown as an investigation will be started soon.

Furthermore, four Pakistani cricketers were also present in the hotel at time of the accident. One of them, Murtaza, a domestic player fractured his foot after jumping from the window of his room.

Scores of guests were trapped in their rooms after the fire started.

The blaze broke out in the kitchen – located on the ground floor of the four-star hotel – and swept through the building.

The hotel had no fire exits or fire alarms, Karachi mayor Waseem Akhtar told reporters.
Some guests suffered broken bones as they jumped from windows in a desperate bid for survival.

“Most people suffocated to death”

Chief Fire Officer Tehseen Siddiqui

Six men – including three doctors and the hotel's front desk manager – and four women are reportedly among the dead.

Three foreigners were also reportedly hurt in the fire.

They are said to be in a stable condition.

The nationalities of the injured are yet to be confirmed.

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