» » » CPEC will strengthen Pakistan’s economy; says German economist

Dr. Wolfgang, a German political economist while delivering a lecture on the China’s Pakistan Option: Economic and Social Implications of an All-Weather Relationship expressed great hope for the project. He was optimistic about the peaceful and efficient completion of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

Dr. Wolfgang based at the South Asian Institute at Heidelberg has been a keen observer of Pakistan’s foreign policy for years. While giving an address at the Centre for Governance and Policy, Information Technology University (ITU) he said, “The historical timeline of Pakistan-China relationship calls for attention.” He also dismissed rumor circulating in the media about transportation and transaction costs associated with the project. Pakistan could look up to China as well for financial and military aid to recovery from its chronic economic and social crises, Dr. Wolfgang said.

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The academic expected that the project would prove beneficial for the region as it would promote connectivity among nations along the historic Silk Road. He is hopeful that involvement of all stakeholders in the project would help avert risks and promote prosperity in the region.

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