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Burdwan (WB): After his prospective son-in-law’s family informed him that they were cancelling the marriage proposal as his daughter was in a relationship, a 62-year-old man allegedly killed his wife and daughter before committing suicide at Mangalkot in Burdwan district, police said today.

Sujal Baran Nag of Natunbazar locality received the phone call yesterday that his 23-year-old daughter Sudarshana was having an affair with someone and that due to this the prospective son-in-law’s family was cancelling the marriage proposal.

The proposal was supposed to be finalised yesterday.

Nag, his wife Manimala (52) and daughter had a heated argument after the phone call. Then they retired for the night, police said.

It was found in the morning that Nag was hanging from the ceiling and bodies of Sudarshana and Manimala were lying on a bed.

It was being suspected that Nag used some poison to make them unconscious and then strangulated them to death, police said.

Police found a suicide note purportedly written by Nag, saying he was responsible for the deaths.

The bodies were sent for postmortem. (Siasat) and PTI

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