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KARACHI: There are around 52,572 students which have been enrolled in 32 public sector colleges of the metropolis, but there is intense shortage of furniture, only 9800 chairs and desks are available for these students, Daily Times has learnt on Thursday.

The details were revealed from Regional Director Colleges (DRC) office from the detailssubmitted by the Government colleges .

Government College for Women, Nazimabad, has submitted a report in RDC's office, in which the college's administration has stated that 2,800 female students have been enrolled in the college but only 800 chairs are available in the entire college, and there is only one rostrum for teachers.

The officials of Khursheed Government Girls Degree College, Shah Faisal colony, have submitted the details about the available furniture in the college The management of the college has informed RDC's officials that 4756 students have been enrolled in the college while there are only 900 chairs for whole of the students.

Similarly, Government College of Commerce & Economics, Sadder Town, has also forwarded similar details in RDC's office, which reveals that 5401 students have been enrolled in the morning shift, but the chairs available for the students are only 587.

However, the rest of 29 colleges have also submitted details as above, in which the officials of those colleges have described situation to the same somewhat.

"A large number of students are regular and very punctual , soon after enrollment in the colleges, it sometimes becomes hard for their teachers to accommodate them all in class-rooms because the Public sector collages lack those facilities ; Sindh Professors and Lecturer Association (SPLA), said.

Less furniture affects attendance of the students as well as their punctuality, while sometimes they leave the colleges just because they don't feel comfortable in attending their classes standing . said Ferozeuddin , presedent (SPLA).

He also blamed the top administration of Karachi's Directorate Colleges that junior cadre officers are dominating the posts of Regional Directors and Assistant Directors but they don't have the capacity to resolve the basic problems.

"We know that public sector colleges have large number of enrollments, resulting that temporary issues of this sort keep coming up , which does not means that we are not responding to resolve these issues", Prof Zamir Ahmed Khoso, Acting Regional Director Colleges , Karachi, told Daily Times, the aministration of Directorate of Colleges has gathered some details and data from the respective colleges, where was a shortage of furniture .

He said that collected statistics reveals that some of those colleges have a keen shortage of furniture and we have sent a complete list of 32 Colleges to the Secretary Colleges Education for taking immediate steps and to provide them with the required furniture as soon as possible.

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