» » » Jamaat-e-Islami leader demands opening of #Lawari tunnel for Chitral

PESHAWAR - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) central Shura member Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali has demanded of the government to open Lawari Tunnel for traffic for two hours on a daily basis or two-day a week for Chitral.

Speaking at a press conference at Press Club Peshawar on Saturday, the JI Shura member said that keeping Lawari tunnel open one-day a week is not acceptable to the residents of Chitral. He said that population of Chitral district is more than 600,000 and keeping the tunnel open for one-day is a kind of joke with them and salting on the wounds of Chitrali people.   

Flanked by union council Broz former nazim Abdul Haq, Asmatullah, and Khalil Ahmad, he also feared that due to closure of the tunnel, immense shortage of daily commodities items could take place in the district.

He also condemned the treatment behaved with the passengers on both ends of the tunnel recently, and criticized the government for failing to take notice of such human insulting behaviour.

Chitrali further said that the inhabitants of mountainous region confronting the same problems in winter season every year, but despite that neither the federal nor the provincial government bothered to take the matter seriously and resolved it on priority bases.

The JI leader threatened to launch a protest movement, if the government was failed to meet their demand of keeping tunnel open for two hours daily and two days a week.

published in The Nation  08-Jan-2017 .

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